4" Maranta- Prayer Plant

4" Maranta- Prayer Plant

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Found the tropic Americas.

Soil: Must be kept moist. When repotting, best to use 60% potting soil, 20% orchid bark, and 20% charcoal. 

Temperature: Ideal indoor temperature is between 65° F - 85° F.

Sunlight: Medium to low indirect sunlight.

Water: Distilled water is possible.

Fun Fact: Calatheas are a symbol of new beginnings. Originates from the saying  “turn over a new leaf” which is what the calatheas do when it gets dark. 

PLEASE NOTE: All Plants are unique and grow differently based on batch. Sizes vary.

**Is your plant traveling to a cold place? We highly recommend heat pack(s) for plants going to places below 40°. Please note, we are not responsible for plants damaged due to cold weather that travel without heatpack(s). You can add heat here :