6" Green Ivy - English Ivy
6" Green Ivy - English Ivy

6" Green Ivy - English Ivy

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Found throughout the Eastern U.S and from Arizona to Washington State.

Soil: Fertile, moist, but well- drained soil.

Temperature: 65° F - 85° F.

Sunlight: English Ivy adapts to almost any amount of light, from full sun to full shade. It prefers partial to full shade. 

Water: Ivies prefer to be kept on the dry side. Wait for the soil to dry out before watering the plant again. Plant requires good drainage.

Fun fact : Ivy was brought to the US as an ornamental by English settlers in colonial times.

PLEASE NOTE: All Plants are unique and grow differently based on batch. Sizes vary.

**Is your plant traveling to a cold place? We highly recommend heat pack(s) for plants going to places below 40°. Please note, we are not responsible for plants damaged due to cold weather that travel without heatpack(s). You can add heat here :