Sandra Mejia may be The Plant Chica, but The Plant Chica as a business consists of Sandra’s family, their growing staff, and the community they serve. Born in South Central LA to Salvadoran immigrant parents, Sandra and her siblings grew up helping their mother choose flowers and plants for the church where her father worked as a pastor. Sandra quickly inherited her mother’s love of plants and the joy they bring to people’s lives. After having her own son, Alem, she started The Plant Chica as a side hustle while working as a medical assistant. Sandra always connected plants with a feeling of family, and she hoped to one day turn The Plant Chica into a family business.

Today, The Plant Chica online shop specializes in wishlist plants: plants that are normally only found in warm climates, plants that aren’t commonly available in stores, and other unique plants that Sandra loves and thinks others will love, too. Sourcing many of her plants from the very same places her mother showed her as a child, The Plant Chica provides high quality, hard-to-find plants to plant lovers all over the country.