Fern Maiden Hair - Adiantum
Fern Maiden Hair - Adiantum
Fern Maiden Hair - Adiantum

Fern Maiden Hair - Adiantum

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Found in the tropics. Most species are found in Costa Rica.

Soil: They thrive in moist soil. If possible, fertilize every three months.

Temperature: Ideal temperature is 60° F- 70° F. Thrives in humid environment.

Sunlight: Indirect sunlight, can tolerate low light.  Avoid direct sunlight (can cause burn on leaves).

Water: Water every 3-5 days. Keep soil moist Pebble tray may be used to help trap moisture.

Fun Fact: Ferns have reproductive pores on the tip of their leaves. These pores are how they reproduce.

PLEASE NOTE: All Plants are unique and grow differently based on batch. Sizes vary.

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